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Take Charge of Your Health Care Carnival - September 15, 2009

Welcome to the September 15, 2009 edition of take charge of your health care.

I have been closely following the health care reform negotiations here in the United States. I am hoping that President Obama holds strong and does not sign a health reform plan without a strong public option to keep down the escalating health care costs. Even better would be a single payer system or “Medicare for all.” I don’t know why so many people on the right are fighting this. I am sure that these same people use our interstate highways, send their children to public schools, will accept social security and Medicare when they reach 65, and use other government services. Some on the right worry about the cost of this program, but a single payer system would be the most cost effective method and assure health care access to all citizens and legal residents. Certainly allowing for profit health insurance companies and the big pharmaceutical companies to hold our country hostage will do nothing to contain costs. Our government has plenty of money to fight 2 wars which should never have been started. It is a question of priorities. Let’s spend a small part of this money on the health and welfare of Americans. You will find some good articles this month on health care reform.

Another timely topic that has been addressed in this Carnival is the H1N1 flu pandemic. We have some articles on the possible dangers of a flu vaccine which has not been adequately tested. Is the H1N1 “much ado about nothing?” The best way to fight the flu is to keep your immune system strong and use some good common sense hygiene. Our nutrition and fitness section will give you some good guidelines for staying healthy this Fall.

Welcome to our new authors. You will find some great articles on other health care topics. As always, I enjoyed reading your submissions to this carnival. Happy back to school to all of our parent readers!

To keep the carnival fresh and manageable, I will no longer accept articles that are just lists of the 100 best blogs, etc. which are basically ads for programs. I will also not include blogs that are primarily sales pages for products. You must have well written, new and original content. Thanks for keeping to the 2 submissions per author guidelines.

Alternative Medicine

Scientific Living presents
Vaccine Scandal posted at Scientific Living, saying, "Evidence that vaccines are very profitable, but not safe."

Health Fitness How To presents Simple Secrets For Natural Healing of any Diseases posted at Health Fitness Article Directory, saying, "The secrets of natural healing revolve around our own body’s system – the immune system which is already built-in within us to combat any bacteria or viruses which are attacking us and if you learn how to properly nourish and “exercise’ our immune system, you have already discovered the core secret to good health."

Raw Radiant Health presents
Raw Radiant Health » Reversing Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) with Raw Food Diet, Ep20 posted at Raw Radiant Health. Editor’s note: An inspiring video on how diet and nutrition helped reverse some medical conditions.

Sue Vittner presents
Law of Attraction Hypnosis posted at Helping Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Create Self, Create Health and Create Wealth. Editor’s note: You will enjoy the relaxing nature video on this post.

Sue Vittner presents
Are You Being A Seal Or A Waterfall? posted at Helping Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Create Self, Create Health and Create Wealth, saying, “Do you ever have those days when you don’t want to do anything but lay on the couch and veg out? And then the next day, you find yourself full of energy, working non stop, and pumping it out? What creates our change in energy?”

CPF presents
What are the health benefits of raw honey? posted at Natural Health Ezine, saying, "Honey has been used for thousands of years for all of it's wonderful medicinal uses.”

Gary Mullen presents
The Health Benefits of Chinese Baoding Balls posted at HandcraftedUk: Interesting Articles, saying, "For centuries Chinese Baoding balls have been used to promote many health benefits. This article will explore these benefits, the use of Baoding balls in Chinese alternative therapies and, how to use the balls effectively."

Jessica Nagel presents
Cancer Prevention Series Introduction posted at Sustainable Halo. Editor’s note: This is the introductory article on a cancer prevention series.

bradley002 presents
Strengthen Immune System posted at Cold Showers, saying, "A cold shower is an often overlooked method of strengthening the immune system."

Kizie presents
Black clover usefully effects posted at Kizie blog. Editor’s note: Many herbs, including black clover, can be very beneficial to good health.

Nesher presents
May Alcohol Trigger Genetic Marker for Depression? posted at Clinical Depression: Symptoms and Treatment. Editor’s note: The author provides some good information on depression and alcohol.

Covert Hypnotist presents
How Rapport Can Help You in Hypnosis Conversational & Covert Hypnosis Blog posted at Conversational & Covert Hypnosis Blog, saying, "A fundamental understanding of what makes up a good rapport between two people will help you to create the type of deepened relationships you require as a hypnotist. Rapport will build trust and comfort between you and your clients."

Barbra Sundquist presents
Wayne Fleisher: A Man on the Move posted at HomeBusinessWiz. Editor’s note: This is an inspirational story about an entrepreneur who has overcome physical disability challenges and built a career helping others.

Consumer Driven Health Care

Amy B. Scher presents
You’re sick? They’re quick! The pros and cons of Retail Clinics posted at Healthcare Hacks, saying, “Next time you are heading to the grocery store, remember to add “healthcare” to your shopping list! Yes, healthcare services are now being offered at local grocery stores, drug stores and general merchandise retailers, such as Shopko, Carnival, Cubfoods, Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens to name a few. “ Editor’s note: You can’t beat this for cost and convenience.

James J. Gormley presents
Making the “Cut”: What the Latest Recall Tells us … and Doesn’t posted at The Gormley Files, saying, "So we’ve all read the headlines about the recent recall of a line of 14 dietary supplements due to 23 reports of serious adverse events linked to (but not proved to caused by) the weight-loss and bodybuilding products in question."

Local Nourishment presents
Swine flu: Stop and think – UPDATED « Local Nourishment posted at Local Nourishment, saying, "The swine flu vaccine is nearly ready in several countries. Will you have one? What should you know before you decide? This post is updated frequently with the most up-to-date information available to help you stay informed."

Dave Fobare presents
The Secret Of My CPAP Success posted at Beat Sleep Apnea. Editor’s note: Good information for those who suffer from sleep apnea.

Chris & Chat presents
Warts Removers posted at C&C Spa and Facial Care Center. Editor’s note: The author presents helpful information on warts and wart treatments.

Alvaro Fernandez presents
Preparing Society for the Cognitive Age (Frontiers in Neuroscience article!) posted at SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution, saying, "The opportunity to use new research findings to improve our "brain fitness" is immense, but we will need to ensure the marketplace matures in a rational and sustainable manner, both through healthcare and education channels."

Mick Hart presents
Alcoholism Treatment - 5 Reasons To Stop Drinking Alcohol posted at Quit Alcohol Today, saying, "Discover just how easy it is to stop drinking alcohol through the support of people who have been there before and who understand the real hardships involved."

00FF00 presents
Should the government make 'Right to Die' facilities publicly available? posted at ooffoo, saying, "Ooffoo asks "Should the government make 'Right to Die' facilities publicly available?" and kicks off the debate by inviting two leading voices, Dignity in Dying & Care Not Killing, to contribute. But most importantly, they want to hear what you think."

Vichuda presents
Dengue Fever Cause, Symptoms, Treatments posted at Kota Medan City Indonesia, saying, “Although Dengue may not be a deadly a disease, it is dangerous and is vital to take precautions especially for the elderly and young children.”

Vicky presents
Dengue Fever Patient Experience Recovery posted at Kota Medan City. Editor’s note: The author reports on her experience with Dengue fever.

Dental Care

dentalheroes presents
How to Find Free or Low Cost Dental Care posted at Dental Heroes, saying, However, a lack of dental insurance doesn’t mean you have to go without much needed dental care. In fact, dentists across the country have recognized this need and have organized free clinics to help the uninsured cope with high dental care costs. Below, I’ve compiled some tips for locating free or low cost dental care in your area.” Editor's note: If you need dental care but can't afford it, the author has provided some resources that can help.

Angela Stringfellow presents
Eliminate Jaw Pain With a Bruxism Cure posted at Megavista Health Blog, saying, “The primary concern with grinding teeth is that most people are unaware they have the problem until it has led to further complications, such as damaged teeth, jaw pain, headaches, or conditions such as TMJ.”

ynohtna presents
How to Keep Teeth Clean eHow.com posted at How to Groom a Dog. Editor’s note: Good article on dental hygiene.

Health Insurance

Helene Zemel presents
Urge Your Representatives & Senators to support a Single Payer Health Care System posted at Health Plans Plus, saying, "According to Physicians for a National Health Program: “Single payer would be the simplest and most efficient health care plan that Congress could implement.” Unfortunately we are not likely to see a single payer healthcare system unless we the people place enough pressure on our Congressional officers who seem to worry more about their re-election possibilities rather than the health of their constituents."

Mrs Bankrupt presents
No insurance. No doctor. You?re screwed. (part 2) posted at Mrs. Bankrupt. Editor’s note: This article about the problems faced by Americans without health insurance is a must read for those concerned about the health care system in the U.S.

Katie presents
Robot Heart: Sex, Religion, and Politics - Do you know what terrifies me, Peggy? posted at Robot Heart: Sex, Religion, and Politics. Editor’s note: A good response to a conservative commentator’s takes on health care. This is a good read for all those who are concerned about the 47 million uninsured and the millions of underinsured Americans.

Rose Hillbrand presents
Fix Health-Care: Pay your own way, not the insurance companies? posted at Newholisticliving's Blog, saying, "Thanks for an excellent and very relevant carnival!" Editor’s note: Insurance has definitely fed into the spiraling out of control health care costs. If we did not have health insurance, providers, including hospitals, would have to keep fees to what people could actually afford.

Chris presents
Senate Proposes “Health Tax” on Fittest Americans posted at Martial Development, saying, “In a revamped health care system envisioned by senators, people would be required to carry health insurance just like motorists must get auto coverage now.”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents
Waterloo Lies posted at Mad Kane's Political Madness, saying, “Back in July, South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint bragged about Republican plans to “break” Obama. How? By killing health care reform, turning health care into Obama’s Waterloo, so it’s no surprise that the President’s foes are wielding the Big Lie in their non-stop efforts to block reform.”

Joshua Dorkin presents
Health and Life Insurance: Two Policies – Two Different Needs (slightly off topic of RE) posted at Real Estate Investing For Real. Editor’s note: Good information on life and health insurance.

Zach Scheidt presents
Health Care Reform Quotes: An Assortment of Opinions posted at ZachStocks, saying, "Health Care Reform continues to be a hot topic on Capital Hill and across the country. Here are is a growing number of quotes from prominent voices on both sides of the isle. Please check back as I will continue to update throughout the coming weeks." Editor’s note: A good article, but it slants towards the right. In my opinion, It is quite obvious that the present employer sponsored/ insurance company run health care system is a complete failure leaving many Americans, many of them working families, uninsured and underinsured. I would rather have the government between me and my doctor than a company that cares only about profits in charge of my health care. A single payer system will save us all a lot of money in the end.

Steven Handel presents
The Last Thing We Should Do Right Now: Rush Into A Government-run Health Care System The Emotion Machine posted at The Emotion Machine. Editor’s note: This is another alternative on our health care crisis. For all of those people who are afraid of government getting involved in health care, do you not use Federal highways, the postal service, our public schools? Will you turn down Medicare and social security when you reach 65? Some things are just too big for private industry to handle effectively and with cost efficiency. We already have a rationing of health care with our private insurer/ employer sponsored system.

J.D. Bell presents
Government 101 - How To Ram A Bill Down The Throats Of The American Public posted at It Takes Work. Editor’s note: This is an alternate view on our health care crisis. In my opinion, when you leave a health care system in the hands of companies whose only interest is to turn a profit, it is no wonder that we have 47 million Americans uninsured and even more underinsured and prices becoming unaffordable for only the wealthiest Americans. Many of these uninsured people are hard working Americans. One of our problems is that we rely on companies to provide health insurance and many small companies can no longer refuse to provide this coverage. For all those people complaining at the town hall meetings, will they refuse Medicare when they are 65, refuse to use government built roads, not send their children to public school.

Nutrition & Fitness

Helene Zemel presents AC-11 and DNA Repair posted at Health Plans Plus, saying, "Scientific research has demonstrated that a number supplements can actually repair DNA. The compound AC-11 or Uncaria tomentosa has attracted considerable attention as a repairer of DNA. AC-11 is extracted from Cat’s Claw, a woody vine found in South American rain forests."

Brain Blogger presents
Improve Childrens Mental Health – Turn Off the TV posted at Brain Blogger, saying, "Obesity is a global epidemic, in adults and children. The increase in childhood obesity has been linked to behavioral and environmental factors: decreased physical activity and increased television viewing."

Andy presents
Food Addiction Treatment posted at Overcoming Food Addiction, saying, "Food addiction is simply out of control eating. It’s characterized by eating beyond the satisfaction of physical hunger. As a matter of fact a big part of food addiction treatment is learning to differentiate between real hunger and emotional hunger (which leads to emotional eating)."

Chris presents
How to Feel Your Chi Energy in Just Ten Minutes posted at Martial Development, saying, "Qigong is popular form of preventative medicine. Learn the basics here."

Phil B. presents
Bodybuilding Problems posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, "I always wondered if extreme bodybuilding has any bad effects on the human body."

FitJerk presents
Training Your Speed And Quickness? posted at FlawlessFitness, saying, "Are you slow? Not in the head but... would you like to have reflexes like a CAT? How bout the speed of a pro boxer? Or the reaction time of a black belt MASTER? Well now you can, try out this technique!"

Mick Hart presents
How To Quit Drinking On Your Own posted at Stop Drinking Advice, saying, "Discover just how easy it is to stop drinking alcohol through the support of people who have been there before and who understand the real hardships involved."

Catherine VanWetter presents
Daily Awareness: Energy can enhance or destroy a meal, flowers and your health posted at Daily Awareness, saying, "How a meal is prepared makes a huge difference in how you feel as you eat it and how you will feel after the meal is complete."

robert galway presents
Weight Loss posted at robertgalway.com, saying, "The Atkins diet is not a new phenomenon. The diet first appeared in the late 1970s and has grown popularity in recent years in response to the low-fat diet craze. As dieters had trouble with low-fat plans, they searched for a new solution and Dr. Atkins"

Vihar Sheth presents
The Future of Aging posted at Vihar Sheth, saying, “The mystery of aging is that scientists don’t know why when our cells divide there is a degradation in quality of the split cells. The theory is that if we can reduce the harm done when cells divide we can increase our lifespans.”

Brian presents
Healthcare Costs Of The Obese posted at How To Live a Longer Life, saying, "Politics aside: Until we start spending less on marginal life extension and start focusing on the obesity epidemic in America healthcare costs will continue to rise."

Local Nourishment presents
On dining out and personal responsibility « Local Nourishment posted at Local Nourishment, saying, "Denny's is facing a lawsuit for the high sodium content of their foods."

The Smarter Wallet presents
Ways To Exercise For Cheap posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, " Want to get fit and trim? We’ve got some weight loss tips and a few suggestions on exercising for cheap!"

Daniel James presents
Sugar Cola For Fat Loss? posted at Weight Loss Dude,saying, “That's what the Swap Diet protocol is all about. It is about actually finding out how your body works and what foods and drinks cause you to gain or lose fat so you can make decisions based on real data instead of the thousands of rumors floating around out there on the Internet.”

Daniel James presents
How To Fail posted at Weight Loss Dude, saying, “More than half of Americans are overweight because they are following the path laid out for them by failures. It works perfectly. It always leads to failure.”

Mick Hart presents
What Is An Alcoholic And How To Stop Drinking Alcohol Naturally posted at Stop Drinking Advice, saying, "Discover just how easy it is to stop drinking alcohol through the support of people who have been there before and who understand the real hardships involved."

Heartstrong presents
Is Obesity Hereditary? posted at Healthy Hearts with Heartstrong. Editor’s note: Is obesity a case of nature vs. nurture?

Andy presents
How to Stop Overeating posted at test, saying, "Sick of being overweight? Maybe you’ve been fat all your life, I have and I hated it. Until recently I was a slave to junk food. I always asked how to stop overeating and I got all kind of answers that never really worked. After years of trial and error, I finally started getting my eating under control and started losing weight."

Tony presents
32 Weight Loss Tips That Work posted at Health Fitness Article Directory, saying, "In an attempt to go from flab to fab you’ve tried pounding the pavements and treading the treadmills; climbing stairs in your building and counting steps on the Stairmaster; cycling outdoors on sunny days and stationery cycling indoors on rainy days! You’ve tried the Cabbage Soup diet, the Atkins Diet, the All-Protein-No-Carbohydrate diet and the Near-Starvation Diet! You’ve invested money in exercise videos and state of the art exercise equipment; bought special foods and diet pills."

Mikkal Travvis presents
Fascism On The Farm: H.R. 2749 - The Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 posted at The Truth. Editor’s note: Interesting perspective on our food safety laws.

Save Money on Health Care

CPF presents
4 ways to lower your prescription drug costs posted at Money in the Bible Christian Personal Finance Blog, saying, "These are some tips for those who frequent the pharmacy to save money!" Editor’s note: For people who earn less than 2 times the poverty rate, who must take expensive medications, look into the patient assistance programs sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies.

Dave Greene presents
How much does a colonoscopy cost? Here's one answer posted at BaltoNorth, saying, "Getting price information from providers before a procedure is an important part of controlling healthcare costs. To that end, here's a real-world price for a colonoscopy in Baltimore."

Aparna presents
Beating stress – some tips posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, "1 Develop a good self-image. Give yourself credit when you accomplish a difficult task. Even if you do not succeed, give yourself credit for trying. 2. Worrying about what will happen or what has happened is unproductive. Live your life and enjoy it now. 3. Learn to enjoy the moment. Many of us are victims of “hurry sickness”, we live too much of the future and don’t enjoy the moment."

Silicon Valley Blogger presents
Smart Moves To Lower Your Health Care Costs posted at The Digerati Life. Editor’s note: The author provides some important tax information on health care costs.

Wenchypoo presents
This Just In: Study Names 4 Common Ways to Cut Disease posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket, saying, "I added a fifth one: WASH YOUR HANDS! With 5 simple things anyone can do to improve health and cut disease. why are we even having a debate on health care overhaul? Nobody will NEED it!"

Heartstrong presents
Carotid Artery Stenting Can Prevent Strokes posted at Healthy Hearts with Heartstrong, saying, “.Recent improvements in the stent technology and use of embolic/distal protection devices have now demonstrated that balloons and stents for carotid disease may be a beneficial alternative to surgery especially for high risk patients. “

Information for Practitioners

Bill Mayes presents
Chiropractic Marketing That Makes Money For Your Practice Chiropractic Marketing Success posted at Chiropractic Marketing Success, saying, "Chiropractic Marketing Blueprint Reveals Proven Web Marketing Strategies for Chiropractors to Add 21 to 25 New Patients To Their Practice Every Month... Automatically!" Editor’s note: These internet marketing techniques will not only help chiropractors but other practitioners as well.


Farid presents
Five Ways to Prevent Wrinkles posted at Acne treatment, saying, "Preventing wrinkles is one of the primary concerns of most people who are concerned with their own appearance. People don't want wrinkles for a few reasons. The first is because they change the look of our skin, and make us appear older, but even more important is that they make us FEEL old. When you look in that mirror and see wrinkles, it makes you feel old and tired. Luckily, with all we now know about skin care, there are many steps that can be taken in order to prevent wrinkles."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of take charge of your health care using our
carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


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