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Take Charge of Your Health Care Carnival March 26, 2009

Welcome to the March 26, 2009 edition of Take Charge of Your Health Care Carnival. It’s still a bit chilly here in the U. S. Northeast, but it is so refreshing to see the tulips and daffodils sprouting, trees and bushes budding, and my crocuses bloomed 2 days before the start of spring. Spring is always a new beginning, and this can be your new beginning in getting started on a health regimen.

Starting with our April edition, all blogs submitted to the carnival should have comments enabled. Also, as with previous editions, I will only accept 2 articles per author for each edition. If you submit more than 2 blog posts, I will select the 2 best or most appropriate articles. I want to keep this carnival manageable and also with a focus on good quality and content. I personally review every blog post submitted for content.

With nice weather on the horizon, I am going to add a new category—Recreation. Recreation is important to both mental and physical well being. Perhaps this could also belong under the category of diet and fitness, but I am thinking more in terms of lighter activities, recreation, brain fitness, activities that promote well being and better mental health.

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We had a large number of quality submissions this month. Thanks for your enthusiastic support of this carnival.

Alternative Medicine

Brandon Harshe presents Advocating Upper Cervical Chiropractic: An Interview With Dr. James Tomasi posted at The Atlas of Life. Editor’s note: This inspirational article offers hope to those suffering from painful and debilitating Trigeminal Neuralgia. Alvin Hopkinson presents Passing Kidney Stones posted at Kidney Stone Remedy, saying, "Here then are some tips that may help you go through the process of passing kidney stones with as little pain as possible:"

Sarah Scrafford presents 50 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Brain's Performance posted at Online Best, saying, “with these 50 tips and ideas for flexing your brain power, you’ll be able to boost performance right now and in the future.”

Dean Moyer presents Sciatica Relapse Question posted at The Back Pain Blog, saying, "This week we attempt to answer the question, Sciatica and Food: Is There a Secret Cure? Apparently, planting your face in a watermelon isn't the panacea we've all been hoping for. (At least, when it comes to sciatic nerve pain.)"

James Colquhoun presents Heart Disease Prevention Made Easy posted at FOODMATTERS. Editor’s note: Good post on the role that nutritional supplements play in helping to prevent or reverse heart disease.

Aparna presents Zinc pills to help rosacea posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, "Rosacea is a common but little-known disorder of the facial skin that affects mostly fair-skinned people. It’s often mistaken for acne. While the cause of rosacea is unknown and there is no cure, today medical help is available that can control the signs and symptoms of this potentially life-disruptive disorder. Some symptoms include redness on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead, small visible blood vessels on the face, bumps or pimples on the face and watery or irritated eyes."

Kara-Leah Grant presents How to build a home yoga practice posted at Prana Flow NZ, saying, "One of the best ways to stay healthy at very little cost... develop a home yoga practice. Find out how!"

Brandon Harshe presents Superior Brain Congestion-Inferior Body Starvation posted at The Atlas of Life. Editor’s note: The author discusses some of the benefits of chiropractic treatment.

Lindsay presents 3 Home Remedies to Fix Your Allergies Naturally posted at Off the Urban Grid. Editor’s note: Some good advice for those that suffer from allergies. The author even suggests the burning of Bees Wax candles to reduce allergens.

Tami Blodgett presents "Inspired Choices for Staying Emotionally Balanced posted at Online Wellness: A Safe Haven, saying, "During this time of tremendous emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and economic upheaval, it is imperative that we set a conscious intention to stay rooted within ourselves. Catherine offers choices for Staying Emotionally Balanced. Online Wellness Association provides a safe platform for online practitioners and clients."

Sigrid Landau presents Learn The Natural Cold Sore Cures posted at A1 How To, saying, "It has been said that the viruses that causes cold sores actually do not leave your body once you contract them. However, this bitter fact must not keep you from looking for home remedies to lessen your pain."

Alvin Hopkinson presents How Fats in our Diet Cause High Blood Pressure posted at High Blood Pressure Treatment and Medication Reviews, saying, "Aside from salt we also include in our diet, fats that can cause high blood pressure. Fats in our diets come in different forms wherein some may promote good blood circulation while others will cause poor blood circulation."

Victor presents Facing Reality in How to Get Rid of Panic and Anxiety. Self Help Guide. posted at How to get rid of anxiety and panic. Editor’s note: Some good psychological advice.

Consumer Driven Health Care

Nancy Miller presents Make Sure Your Pills Don’t Become Ills posted at Pharmacy Technician Certification. Editor’s note: Some sound advice on prescription and over the counter medicines.

Sarah McCurdy presents Preventing Acne. posted at Health Log, saying, "Many people want to know if there are ways of preventing acne. Well, if someone has a predisposition to acne, it cannot be totally prevented but it can be controlled somewhat."

Jerry Navarro presents Fourth Stroke Indicator - the Tongue posted at All About Family and Health. Editor’s note: Knowing these 4 stroke indicators can save lives.

Jerry Navarro presents Brain and Healthy Aging posted at All About Family and Health, saying, "Growing older and learning from your mistakes is a clear sign that our brain is improving."

Sarah Scrafford presents 50 Successful Open Source Projects That Are Changing Medicine posted at Nursing Assistant Guides. Editor’s note: The author presents a well-researched list of open source projects for the medical field.

J.D. Bell presents Barack Obama Says Grow Old and Die posted at It Takes Work. Editor’s note: We do need some form of National health care in the U.S., but this article raises some concerns and potential problems that need to be considered.

J.D. Bell presents The Answer: Popsicles, Pizza, and Painkillers posted at It Takes Work. Editor’s note: While I am not a fan of big Pharma, as a benefits consultant with AmeriPlan, our Prescription Advocacy Program, which is based on the Patient Assistance Programs sponsored by the Pharmaceutical companies, has the patient’s medications delivered to the patient’s own pharmacy or doctor’s office. These are not left over samples.

Roy Schwartz presents 10 (Proven!) Reasons to Quit Smoking and How You Can Start posted at A Disease A Day. Editor’s note: Some good reasons to quit smoking with some helpful hints on how to quit.

Nancy Miller presents Bioethics and a Woman’s Right to Choose posted at Becoming A Radiologist, saying, “With all these issues that affect the women who are pregnant and who wish to abort their unborn babies for some reason or the other, why is it that it’s the policymakers and lobbyists who get to decide on an inflammatory subject like abortion? Isn’t it more a question of personal choice and belief?”

John Catanach presents How Effective The Birth Control Shot Is posted at Woman Health News. Editor’s note: It is important to know the side effects and possible dangers of various birth control methods.

Dental Care

Dr Tooth presents Dental Tourism - Dentistry In The Time Of Crisis posted at WorlDental, saying, "Dental care in Europe and America is notoriously expensive. With the economic crisis wreaking havoc in the pockets of workers in the West, taking care of one’s teeth has become prohibitive."

Dr. Davon Jacobson presents Easy Dental Care with Highly Sensitive Teeth posted at *Health and Nutrition Facts*. Editor’s note: The author offers some helpful advice for dealing with the problem of highly sensitive teeth.

Diet & Fitness

Helene Zemel presents AC-11 and DNA Repair posted at Health Plans Plus, saying, "Most of us are familiar with the role that antioxidants provide in protecting our bodies from the damage and inflammation caused by free radicals. Are there also compounds that will actually repair DNA damage?"

robert galway presents Fitness posted at, saying, "Fitness is also about good nutrition, flexibility, relaxation, sleep, and more. Fitness is good for your heart, lungs, bones, and joints. And it lowers your risk for heart attack, diabetes, colon cancer, and high blood pressure."

Mike Robbins presents Body Solid Fitness posted at BODY SOLID FITNESS, saying, "I was unbalanced, I was unhappy, I was depressed. Happily I found my way out of it. I began what I knew to do and got back in shape again. So I'm not one of those people looking from the outside in."

Mike Robbins presents Eat Fat to Lose Weight-Are You Kidding? posted at BODY SOLID FITNESS, saying, "The fitness/weight loss category has been through the mill when it comes to information on fat."

J.D. Bell presents Get On Your Bikes and Ride posted at It Takes Work, saying, "The title of this post is an obscure lyric reference to an old Queen song called Fat Bottomed Girls. This was the first thought that entered my head when I read about a gym in San Francisco that offers bikaraoke classes." Editor’s note: Bike riding is a great way to combine fun and fitness.

John Duke presents Acai Berry Capsules posted at Pure Acai - Acai Berry Info Blog, saying, "he acai berry fruit is rich in antioxidants, amino acids, essential omegas, fibers and protein. The intake of Acai Berry Capsules is therefore beneficial for weight reduction, boosting sustained energy level, healthy cholesterol management, improvement of digestive system, strengthening of immune system among others."

John Duke presents Pure Acai Berry Ingredients - Good or Bad? posted at Pure Acai - Acai Berry Info Blog, saying, "You will have heard of the acai berry recently catapulted from humble beginnings as a niche health food, to the worlds number one super food but you might not be aware of just how much good it can do your body. Hopefully this brief idea will give you a better idea as to why you should be considering adding the acai berry, or at least some acai berry products into the diet of you and your family."

Helene Zemel presents Despite the Weak Economy, Sales of Nutritional Supplements are Up posted at Work at Home Mom and Dad, saying, "Since the start of the economic recession, we read every day how retail sales are down for almost every product category including cars, restaurant meals, clothing, jewelry, and movies and entertainment. Despite the gloomy economic picture, there is one bright light. Sales of nutritional supplements have been increasing."

Kara-Leah Grant presents FEATURED POST: Top Eleven reasons to start practicing yoga TODAY! Prana Flow NZ posted at Prana Flow NZ, saying, "You know you've been thinking about starting yoga for ages now... here's eleven reasons why you want to take the leap and start practicing today!"

Joel Gray presents Summer Tea: Blackberry/ Raspberry Leaf Tea posted at Health Tips 101, saying, “During the warm and fall months, try a new flavor in your tea. Use the blackberry/ raspberry tealeaf to bring wild fruitiness to your drink. Read this article to know more about it.”

Ashley Cook presents Quick Home Meal Ideas posted at Frugal Girl, saying, "Some ideas for a quick, healthy, and cheap treat."

PK Shukla presents Nutrition Tips posted at Fenny Lopez, saying, "Nutrition forum is a great place to share your experience in dieting, eating habits or possible disorders. Are your eating habits supporting a healthy lifestyle? Read the questions and answers posted on this forum."

PK Shukla presents Latest Beauty Tips posted at Fenny Lopez, saying, "We at Latest Beauty Tips look forward to provide you the best. is a platform to discuss about beauty tips, fashion, health care, weight loss, cosmetic surgery, makeup trick and lot of similar issues. Please feel free to post all feedback, concerns, comments & suggestions here."

The Smarter Wallet presents 8 Weight Loss Tips and Weight Management Ideas To Battle The Bulge posted at The Smarter Wallet. Editor’s note: The author presents some helpful tips on how to avoid temptation during holidays and at restaurants.

John Catanach presents Weight Loss Surgery For Men Should Include A Medical ID posted at My Passion for Better Health, saying, "Big Little John is a blog about better health for men."

James presents Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Review posted at Lose Weight In A Week, saying, "Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is a comprehensive 357 page fat loss guide. This guide has helped thousands of people lose weight and tone muscle naturally. Written by Tom Venuto, a professional bodybuilder of almost 20 years and certified conditioning specialist and personal trainer. You are assured to receive the most effective fat loss technique provided in his guide. Tom relates all he knows about fat loss in a very concise and easy to read manner."

Steve Faber presents Belly Fat Loser » The Ab Diet – the Lucky 13 Foods posted at Belly Fat Loser, saying, "Americans eat too much garbage every year. To be proactive about your health, diet is an area that absolutely must be addressed."

Bretislav Slansky presents The Best Workout Routines forToning posted at Workouts routines for Toning. Editor’s note: A good toning routine is important for optimal health.

Logan presents Stress - HOWTO Manage It posted at Lose Over Weight. Editor’s note: The author presents some good stress reduction techniques.

Logan presents The Secrets to Weight Loss After Pregnancy posted at Lose Over Weight, saying, “Over time, you should be able to lose the weight you gained during your pregnancy. In fact, you might find that you’re actually healthier after your baby is born.”

swapnil warang presents How to find out if you are overweight or not posted at switch2life. Editor’s note: Good information on how to determine Body Mass Index.

Health Insurance

Cory presents Exercising in a Recession posted at Eating Healthy, saying, "Thinking that exercise is too expensive is no excuse to avoid it. Here are some tips to get good, fun exercise for cheap."

Den Levin presents Tips for Hypochondriacs posted at Battle Anxiety, saying, "Six self-help tips for people who worry too much about their help."

Mesquite Pete presents Mosquito Basics posted at Mosquito Basics, saying, "Some basic information about mosquitoes."

Jim presents » Health Insurance Plan Types posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity. Editor’s note: The author explains the difference between an HMO, PPO, and indemnity plan.

Steve Philips presents The Blog- Botox, Radiesse, Juvederm posted at The Blog. Editor’s note: Some good information on various cosmetic surgery techniques.

Save Money on Health Care

ishanbansal presents How to Save Money on Prescription Drugs posted at Save Few Bucks, saying, "This article has practical money saving tips to save money on Prescription Medicines.”

Chris presents Medical Tourism - 5 Reasons to consider Goa posted at nomad4ever. Editor’s note: Medical tourism is becoming increasingly more popular due to the exorbitant costs in the West especially here in the U.S.


Jenny Jen presents PhotoLab Reviewed posted at, saying, "Health, Beauty, Software, and As Seen On TV Product reviews by Jenny and friends. Add Your Review for a Chance to Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card."

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

AC-11 and DNA Repair

Our bodies are constantly under oxidative stress and damage caused by toxins and pollutants in our environment, diet, and even in the air that we breathe. Damage to our cells and DNA caused by carcinogens, cigarette smoke, air pollution, certain drugs, and exposure to the sun is well documented. Over time this oxidative stress can actually lead to damage to the DNA of the cells themselves which can lead to premature aging, degeneration of the nervous system, and even cancer.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology: “Thus, oxidative DNA damage is implicated in carcinogenesis and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. There is also strong evidence for the role of this type of DNA damage in the aging process. The accumulation of oxidative DNA damage in non-dividing cells is thought to contribute to age-associated diseases.”

Most of us are familiar with the role that antioxidants provide in protecting our bodies from the damage and inflammation caused by free radicals. Are there also compounds that will actually repair DNA damage?

Scientific Studies Prove the Efficacy of AC-11 to Repair DNA

Scientific research has demonstrated that a number supplements can actually repair DNA. The compound AC-11 or Uncaria tomentosa has attracted considerable attention as a repairer of DNA. AC-11 is extracted from Cat’s Claw, a woody vine found in South American rain forests.

Several studies have proven that AC-11 can repair DNA damage. In one study, hairless mice were subjected to ultraviolet radiation which is known to cause DNA damage and skin cancer. According to Dermatology Online Journal Volume 13 Number 3: “AC-11-treated animals almost completely repaired single-strand DNA breaks “ and “double-strand DNA breaks were substantially fewer in animals treated with 40 mg of AC-11 and significantly fewer in animals treated with 80 mg of AC-11 compared to untreated animals.” In another study, human subjects who had undergone previous chemotherapy and later given AC-11 supplementation demonstrated DNA repair. AC-11 is also known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune enhancing properties.

AC-11 is one of the key ingredients in the base product of the GeneWize LifeMap Nutrition™ supplement. GeneWize customers send in the Healthy Aging DNA Assessment and GeneWize custom makes a nutritional supplement based on this DNA assessment. In addition to AC-11, the GeneWize product contains antioxidants; super fruits such as Acai, Goji, Mangosteen, Pomegranate; resveratrol, green tea, folate, vitamins, and other ingredients important for optimal health.

For more information on GeneWize Healthy Aging Assessment and LifeMap Nutrition visit: