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AmeriPlan Half Price Discount Dental & Medical Benefit Plans

It comes as no surprise that the American healthcare system is broken. We have 47 million Americans with no health insurance, many more are underinsured, and 7 out of 10 Americans lack dental insurance.

If you are one of the many Americans with inadequate or no dental or medical insurance, a discount dental or medical plan can help you save money on needed doctor and dental visits, prescription medications, lab tests, vision care, chiropractic, and ancillary services such as hearing aids, diabetic supplies, and more. Our medical plans have a hospital advocacy program which can help to substantially reduce those high hospital charges.

To help out uninsured and underinsured Americans during these tough financial times, AmeriPlan is offering a special half price sale. Just sign up for one of our discount dental or medical plans on or before 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time September 14, and pay half price for your benefit package for one full year.

Here are our prices:

Basic Wellness was $14.95 a month NOW ONLY $7.48 a month

Single Dental Plus was $14.95 a month NOW ONLY $7.48 a month

Household Dental Plus was $19.95 a month NOW ONLY $9.98 a month

Total Health was $39.95 a month NOW ONLY $19.98 a month

Total Health Plus was $59.95 a month NOW ONLY $29.98 a month

Learn more about our different health care options at To join AmeriPlan and start receiving these valuable benefits for your family visit: or call 888-357-1768.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Take Charge of Your Health Care August 3, 2009

Welcome to the August 3, 2009 edition of take charge of your health care.

Here in the U.S., Congress will be adjoining for the August recess without having produced a healthcare reform bill for President Obama to sign. Some progress has been made, but I am fearful that the final bill will be a watered down version of healthcare reform. Unfortunately there are too many special interests in the U.S., and the big corporate pharmaceutical companies and particularly the big health insurance companies are spending millions on lobbying and ads to try to scare the public. Some version of healthcare will eventually pass which is better than nothing. It can’t come too soon for the 47 million Americans who are uninsured and the millions who are underinsured.

I never thought that I would complain about too many submissions, but I am getting more than 150 submissions per month which is slowing down publication of the carnival. Starting with next month’s carnival, I would like to narrow the focus of this carnival to just the subject topics, and all submissions must be true blogs. Submissions without comments enabled will no longer be accepted by this carnival. I will only accept weight loss articles that have something new to offer. The usual diet and fitness tips and lists will not be included in the Carnival. Preference will be given to those articles dealing with health insurance and benefits, alternative medicine, consumer directed health care, and nutrition and fitness. Again, only 2 articles will be accepted per author or blog, and all articles must have good content and not be spammy. I hold to this strictly for my own posts as well.

To my readers: Thanks for your submissions this month. Let me know what your favorite articIes are and I will be sure to include them in this carnival. I look forward to reading next month’s articles.

alternative medicine

Alvin Hopkinson presents Natural Cures UTI - Addressing the UTI Root Causes are the Best Natural Cures posted at UTI Natural Remedies, saying, "Most UTI cases are due to E coli infections, and the root cause of the problem often involves poor hygiene. Therefore, most of the natural cures UTI specialists recommend are concerned with proper hygiene, as well as lifestyle and diet changes."

Susie presents Patients Remained Free of Diabetes Years after Getting Gastric Bypass Surgery posted at Diabetes Updates. Editor’s note: Some studies suggest that gastric bypass surgery can eliminate diabetes for some, especially type 2 diabetes, which would also indicate that diet and lifestyle changes alone should have an effect on this condition.

brit67chick presents Blood Sugar Support Supplements Part One posted at Reactive Hypoglycemia Info, saying, "Many people take blood sugar supplements for diabetes and hypoglycemia. What the research really says, and why you should probably save your money."

Ross presents Here’s A Quick & Easy Way To Strong & Healthy Bones posted at Energise for Life, saying, "Osteoporosis and bone weakness effects one in three women and 1 in 12 men over the age of 50. In total, osteoporosis causes 310,000 fractures in the UK every year. This is a dramatic statistic and one that actually surprised me. That is really high."

ESN presents 11 Anti-Stress Techniques You Can Use Right Now posted at Massage Therapy Schools. Editor’s note: Everyone can benefit from these stress reduction techniques.

Scientific Living presents Lack of Reason in Modern Medicine posted at Scientific Living, saying, "Discusses some inherent problems and irrational behavior in the current medical system."

00FF00 presents HERBS AND PANDEMICS posted at ooffoo, saying, "Reflecting on the current threat of Swine Flu Pandemic, a classical herbalist and member of the ooffoo community reviews a few herbs, which he values as great anti-virals and which have been found to be useful in both stimulating and strengthening the immune system. Some of these herbs have even been used with some success in previous pandemics (including the 1918 ‘Spanish Flu’ and the SARS virus)."

Brian presents 11 Ways to Reduce Insulin Resistance posted at How To Live a Longer Life, saying, "The following list contains 11 ways to reduce insulin levels, increase insulin sensitivity, reduce insulin resistance, and decrease blood sugar levels without the use of medication."

Christopher X. Gerber presents Fighting Physical Ailment ? With Cognitive Help posted at Experiment: Gerbus, saying, “Maybe it’s true that we can’t always find or create placebos for our problems, sure, but we can at least admit that the potential to heal is not exclusive to external medicine or therapy. There is something internal and mental that can have a healing effect.”

Amy B. Scher presents Apple Cider Vinegar and Diabetes posted at Healthcare Hacks, saying, “The popularly held notion that apple cider vinegar has healthful qualities is gaining acceptance in the scientific community. In fact, this commonly held household item may help people suffering from type-2 diabetes while also helping to lower blood glucose levels and lose weight.”

ChristianPF presents Apple cider vinegar removes warts! posted at Natural Health Ezine, saying, "This is a very effective, cheap, and painless home remedy to remove warts using natural methods..."

Astrid Lee presents Protect Yourself from Negativity with Black Tourmaline posted at World Healing, saying, "Some may not know this, but black tourmaline is a crystal that can absorb negativity from your surrounding/within you (think electronic radiations, nagging colleagues, fights, competition, your own negative self talk, etc ) and bring your mind and body back into balance! An inexpensive but powerful crystal that can help you gain the grounding you wish and need."

Brian presents Think Positive & Fight Depression posted at How To Live a Longer Life, saying, "Thinking positive can can help improve mortality rates and assist in disease prevention and recovery but only in cases where the positive thinking is genuine. How then do you think genuinely positive thoughts when you're fighting depression?"

Justin Hall presents How To Balance Your Life posted at Justin Hall, saying, “Keeping balance in your life is what keeps you healthy, both mentally and physically.”

Brooklyn White presents 100 Ways to Make Your Brain Better, Faster, and Stronger posted at MRI Technician Schools, saying, “In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, building your brain power gives you an edge in the job market as well as other aspects of life. These tips will teach you how to boost your brain and memory to increase productivity and make you a superstar at trivia.”

Alisha Harmann presents Top 50 Blogs for Positive and Conscious Living posted at Master Of Health Administration, saying, “Here are 50 blogs that can get you on the path to positive and conscious living:”

Alisha Harmann presents Top 50 Alternative Medicine Blogs posted at Online Nursing Degree Guide, saying, “Alternative medicine has been shown to be reasonably effective in some cases, and it has even surpassed more conventional treatments.”

Martha Jackson presents Top 50 Holistic Medicine Blogs posted at Nursing Online Degree, saying, “With holistic medicine, the health of the patient involves spiritual, lifestyle, nutritional, emotional, mental, social and environmental aspects in addition to the physical. Holistic medicine can be used in a manner that is complementary to medical practices present in modern Western health care.”

Patricia Turner presents 100 Best Health Blogs for Soon-to-be Moms posted at Becoming A Radiologist, saying, “Soon to be moms and dads can save hours of sifting through internet sites and blogs by visiting these top pregnancy and parenting blogs.”

Nancy Miller presents 50 Social Networks for Healthy and Happy Moms posted at Pharmacy Technician Certification. Editor’s note: The author has compiled a list of some of the best blogs and social networking sites for moms.

Barbara Williams presents 100 Useful Websites for Medical Librarians posted at Nursing Editor’s note: The author has provided an excellent resource for medical information.

Brooklyn White presents 50+ Ways to Germ-Proof Your Home, Office, and Life posted at Radiography Schools, saying, “It seems each headline brings a new flu, disease, or other bacterial worry and who has the time to learn them all? Take a proactive stance by learning the best ways to germ proof yourself, kids, office, home, and more.”

Elisha Knackwood presents 25 Free iPhone Apps to Help You Live Healthy posted at Masters In Health Care Online, saying, “Here are 25 free iPhone Apps to help you live a healthy lifestyle.”


Robin presents Skin Care posted at Skin Care. Editor’s note: Some good advice on choosing a skin care product.

Consumer Driven Health Care

Beth L. Gainer presents Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Medical Administrator? posted at Calling the Shots, saying, “I'm hoping that this posting can help you stand up to rude administrators who seem bent on placing hurdles in your way or being rude and inappropriate during your visit to the office.”

Beth L. Gainer presents Say 'No' to Thugs posted at Calling the Shots, saying, “We are able to say “no” to our children, teenagers, relatives, friends, and significant others. So why is it so difficult to say "no" to doctors?”

Scientific Living presents Drug Company Hypnotizes Viewers posted at Scientific Living. Editor’s note: The author provides an interesting analysis of those television drug ads.

Alvaro Fernandez presents Debunking 10 Brain Training/ Cognitive Health Myths posted at SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution, saying, "Think about this: How can anyone take care of his or her brain when every week brings a new barrage of articles and studies which seem to contradict each other?"

Brain Blogger presents Natural Good, Chemical Bad ? Right? posted at Brain Blogger, saying, "Arsenic sandwich anyone? Mercury soup, deadly nightshade surprise? No? Really? Well, I’m baffled! They’re all natural you know. And as we know, natural is good; natural is pure. Best of all, natural is healthy"

Brain Blogger presents Time for a Change ? Gender Reassignment posted at Brain Blogger, saying, "I still remember him plainly: middle-aged, married, paunchy around the middle. He didn’t come in to the clinic because he was sick or had a chronic medical illness. He came in because he wanted to be a woman."

Ross presents Hidden Health Danger in the Home posted at Energise for Life, saying, "Every day we are surrounded by silent killers. In our lounge, in our kitchen and in our bedroom. In our pocket and on our lap."

Mick Hart presents Women Under Threat From Alcohol Related Cancer posted at Quit Alcohol Today, saying, " Medical studies have shown that women who drink moderate amounts of alcohol increase their risk of a variety of types of cancer."

Mick Hart presents Understanding Your Drinking Habits And How To Quit Alcohol posted at Stop Drinking Advice, saying, "Discover just how easy it is to stop drinking alcohol through the support of people who have been there before and who understand the real hardships involved."

Vichuda presents H1N1 Virus in Indonesia posted at Kota Medan Guide. Editor’s note: We must still take precautions when traveling to help prevent the spread of the H1N1 flu.

Alvaro Fernandez presents Daniel Goleman: Yes, You Can Build Willpower (meditate on neuroplasticity!) posted at SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution, saying, ""brain science now tells us the brain makes about 10,000 new cells every day, and that they migrate to where they are needed. Once there, each cell makes around 10,000 connections to other brain cells over the successive four months.""

Joel Gray presents Skin Cancer Risks And How To Prevent It From Happening To You posted at Health Tips 101. Editor’s note: The author provides good information about skin cancer prevention and treatment.

Sagarika presents Types of Communicable Diseases posted at Social Work for Mankind. Editor’s note: The author has provided some good information about infectious diseases.

Heartstrong presents Less Than 25% of Heart Problems Diagnosed Before Symptoms Appear posted at Healthy Hearts with Heartstrong. Editor’s note: The author discusses the importance of preventative health care.

Megan Wong presents Little Kiwi, the nutritional powerhouse to combat your sinus drainage posted at Sinus Home Remedy. Editor’s note: The author describes some of the important benefits of kiwi fruit.

Mesquite Pete presents Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes While Backpacking posted at Mosquito Basics, saying, "If you are going hiking or camping, you will want to make sure you are protected from mosquitoes."

Dave Fobare presents Conquer Your CPAP Fears posted at Beat Sleep Apnea. Editor’s note: Some good advice for those who use a CPAP mask for sleep apnea.

lavender presents Swine Flu: Deadly Vaccine posted at News for Freedom Daily, saying, “The swine flu vaccine may cause more harm to you than the actual disease.”

Vichuda presents H1N1 Symptoms and Precautions posted at Kota Medan City Indonesia. Editor’s note: The author provides some good information about the H1N1 Swine Flu.


Ross presents Mercury Fillings & Mercury Amalgam Removal? The Answers! posted at Energise for Life, saying, "I have absolutely no doubt that having mercury fillings in your mouth is a very bad idea, but having them removed properly is an absolute must." Editor’s note: Good article reminding us of the dangers of amalgam fillings.

Nutrition & Fitness

Helene Zemel presents Despite the Weak Economy, Sales of Nutritional Supplements are Up posted at Work at Home Mom and Dad, saying, "Since the start of the economic recession, we read every day how retail sales are down for almost every product category including cars, restaurant meals, clothing, jewelry, and movies and entertainment. Despite the gloomy economic picture, there is one bright light. Sales of nutritional supplements have been increasing."

Helene Zemel presents GeneWize LifeMap™ Alert Chocolate Chews posted at Health Plans Plus, saying, "GeneWize Life Sciences has just released the LifeMap™ Alert Chocolate Energy Chews. With LifeMap™ Alert you get all the health benefits of chocolate without the calories, fat, sugars, or dairy that you would find in chocolate candy."

Ashley Cook presents Juggling for Fun and Exercise posted at Healthy Living Tips, saying, "Juggling can not only be a fun hobby, but a great source of exercise."

Greg presents The Rise of Albino Wheat -- Whitewheat Bread Live Fit Blog posted at Live Fit Blog, saying, “Early humans consumed a variety of grain products. That has changed drastically in the last few hundred years, as wheat has become the favored grain crop among Western societies. More specifically, red (durham) wheat gained prominence, primarily by simple luck of the draw, as settlers moving to North America from Europe happened to favor red wheat. The now lesser known albino wheat was left behind. “

Britannica Blog presents Can Calorie Restriction Increase Ones Life Span? posted at Britannica Blog, saying, "In the 1930s scientists discovered that a low-calorie diet could increase life span in certain organisms. In the decades since, the effects of calorie restriction have been described in animals such as mice and rats and in smaller organisms, including yeast, worms, and fruit flies. Scientists also have begun to investigate the effects of low-calorie diets in primates. But there remains a burning and as yet unanswered question: does calorie restriction increase life span in humans? The experiments conducted so far have indicated that this route to increased longevity is not universally effective."

Resveratrol Explained presents What Is Resveratrol ? posted at Resveratrol Explained. Editor’s note: There has been proven research demonstrating the efficacy of resveratrol and other anti-oxidants.

Szabolcs Illes presents Easy Exercises – Have A Joy In What You Do And Stay Fit posted at Blog. Editor’s note: The author makes the point that to keep to an exercise routine, it must be fun to do. Choose 1 or more fitness activities that you will really enjoy.

J.D. Bell presents Resveratrol Supplement Web Scam posted at It Takes Work, saying, "Who says nutritional supplement marketers aren't honest?" Editor’s note: The author warns us to be aware of deceptive advertising of nutritional supplements.

Andy presents 5 Binge Eating Recovery Tips posted at Health Fitness Article Directory, saying, "Binge eating recovery might seem hard or even impossible especially if you’ve tried and failed in the past. Many binge eaters spend years trying to recover and only make little or no progress. The following 5 tips are going to save you years of trial and error when trying to stop binge eating."

Andy presents Why Real Weight Loss Will Always Be Hard posted at Weight Loss Window, saying, "I’m sure you’ve seen the “lose 10 pounds in 7 days” ads, all the deceiving miracle diets and all the different weight loss marketing media messages. Well real weight loss is hard and here is why."

Joel Gray presents Healthy Cooking for Special Diets posted at Health Tips 101, saying, “Healthy cooking for special diets doesn’t need to be a chore. The key is to remember important issues for each diet, and to creatively change your recipes to meet those needs.”

Joel Gray presents Exercise The Main Ingredient In A Healthy Diet posted at Health Tips 101, saying, “The importance of exercise regarding a healthy diet cannot be ignored. The lack of a quality exercise plan, will result in not being able to maintain your optimum weight and will not allow for long term weight loss.”

robert galway presents Atkins pre maintenance posted at, saying, "After experiencing the Induction and OWL phases of the Atkins diet, your next step is to enter the pre-maintenance phase. This phase will set you up for a lifetime of healthy and balanced eating and living. You should begin this phase as you come within 5 to 10 pounds of your target weight goal. Your weight loss will be slowed down even further but it is for a purpose. You want to learn the practices and habits that will determine your long-term success."

robert galway presents Weight Loss posted at, saying, "Atkins diet foods are easy to find and available everywhere. There are many varieties to choose from, whether you pick prepackaged low-carb diet foods or make your own meals. No matter how you want to do the Atkins plan, there is a solution out there for you."

Daniel James presents Staying Motivated posted at Weight Loss Dude, saying, “Weight loss can be fun, and it should be fun. Get creative with the foods you eat. Go for a nice walk outside in the sun. Don't restrict yourself so much that you go crazy. Enjoy the journey!”

Lucky Balaraman presents Finding Unshakable Happiness: The 5 Pristine Pillars posted at Calm and Cool, saying, “Everyone wants to be happy: it’s human nature. However, finding happiness is not always a piece of cake.”

brit67chick presents Ovo-vegan Diet Cured my Tietze's Syndrome posted at All About Tietze's Syndrome, saying, "I became a vegan not because of ethics, but to help with my hypoglycemia. The vegan diet not only helped control my blood sugar, it also eradicated the joint pain I had had for sixteen years!"

Daniel James presents Self-Experimentation for Weight Loss posted at Weight Loss Dude. Editor’s note: The author reports on some of his weight loss discoveries.

weight loss plans presents Ways To Get Exercise posted at weight loss plans, saying, " You don’t have to bench press 250 pounds or run the Boston Marathon to get exercise. There are some very simple, easy, and fun ways to get exercise!”

weight loss plans presents weight loss, diets, fitness,fat loss, eating , losing weight, Fat burning , nutrition , how to burn fat ,vitamins , diet program ,lose fat posted at weight loss plans. Editor’s note: The author provides some good tips on how to get started on an exercise and fitness program.

Martha Jackson presents 25 Excellent Open Courseware Classes on Nutrition and Healthy Eating posted at Online Radiology Technician Schools, saying, “Are you confused by all the news about food and nutrition? According to Tufts University, only 25 percent of U.S. medical schools have a required nutrition course. You can overcome this knowledge deficiency through open courseware projects that focus on nutrition. These courses are online, they’re free and you can learn at your own pace.”

Elisha Knackwood presents Top 50 Blogs for Healthy Eating & Nutrition posted at Online Surgical Technician Courses. Editor’s note: This list is an excellent resource of blogs on healthy eating and nutrition.

Cory presents Frisbee for Fun and Fitness posted at Eating Healthy, saying, "Frisbee can be both a lot of fun and a great source of exercise."

Alisha Harmann presents Top 25 Ways You’re Wrecking Your Immune System posted at Masters in Nursing Online. Editor’s note: Some good information on how to keep your immune system healthy.

FitJerk presents Energy Bars & Protein Bars - Nutritious Mini-Meal Or Glorified Candy? posted at FlawlessFitness, saying, "Health Bars- They're jam packed with nutrients, minerals and vitamins and come in a million different flavors… BUT, are they really as “healthy” and “nutritious” as they claim to be? Find out..."

Heartstrong presents HEARTSTRONG BLOG posted at HEARTSTRONG BLOG, saying, “Rachel Ray talks about EVOO all the time, but is it really worth the money? And what exactly is extra-virgin olive oil?”

Jessica presents Random Ways To Feel Healthier Today posted at Jessica's Health Tips, saying, "Seven easy to implement ideas to make your life a little healthier."

Health Fitness How To presents Help for Eating Disorders posted at Health Fitness Article Directory, saying, "It’s not every day that a person with an eating disorder crosses the path of another individual. In fact, Eating Disorders are often hidden by women and men for years."

Robin presents Dressing For Yoga posted at Yoga Blogger. Editor’s note: The author provides some good information on how to choose comfortable clothing for yoga.

Kelsey Grace presents Top 10 Anti-Aging Supplements posted at Vitamins. Editor’s note: The author provides a good list of some of the best anti-aging supplements.

Kelsey Grace presents Top 10 Memory Improvement Supplements posted at Vitamins. Editor’s note: The author provides a list of supplements that can improve your memory.

Nancy Miller presents The Relationship Between Sleep, Exercise and Diabetes posted at LVN to RN, saying, “You need to realize the importance of sleep, especially if your genes and lifestyle makes you more prone to becoming a diabetic. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, you could try turning to exercise as a solution.”

Margaret Garcia presents Napping Power – How a Snooze Can Do You Good posted at Earn LPN Degree Online, saying, “We all know how essential sleep is to our general well being – normal adults need between six and eight hours each night to recharge our bodies so that we’re fit for a new day. But not many people know that there’s as much benefit in a daytime snooze, the forty winks we call “power naps”.”

Health Fitness How To presents The Must Buy Organic Produce List posted at Health Fitness Article Directory, saying, "Continuing on my transition to becoming an organic consumer, I have discovered some other useful information to consider."

Lucky Tuff presents Want Some Information on How to Lose Weight Fast? posted at How to lose weight fast - weight loss tips, saying, "Are you trying to figure out how to lose weight fast? Then you should know that there is no perfect weight loss tips that everyone should follow. This is simply because everyone’s body type is different. We all have diverse body types, various energy levels, different metabolic rates and varied dietary requirements. There are of course some proven techniques which if followed religiously can give positive results...."

Darryl Kimball presents If You Don't Give Some Thought To The Body Fat Set Point- You Might Be A Dumb Ass! posted at, saying, "A very powerful article on the Body Fat Set Point. Is there scientific evidence that it exist and what is the best way to change it. Don't spend another dime on weight loss products and don't start another diet until you read this article on the body fat set point!"

Health Insurance

Abigail Perry presents Why we need a single-payer system posted at i pick up pennies, saying, "My husband and I both have chronic illnesses. Yet conservatives, who have probably never had anything worse than the flu, keep trying to tell me that we have "the best health care system in the world." I'd love for them to try and find $502 a month to keep my husband insured when we only bring in $3245 a month. Or try to find the $1000 in copays he's already racked up in the past 6 months. Or maybe they could just try being minimum-wage, uninsured workers who wait to go to the ER until the staph infection is in their blood, ensuring medical bills they'll never be able to repay."

Brian McKay presents Choosing the Best Health Insurance posted at, saying, "Health care costs have been increasing by leaps and bounds over the past 20 years. Costs have been driven up because of the increased advances in medical care."

Hal LaPray presents Geography Plays Role of Disparator in Approval Rates for Disability Benefits posted at Disability Information & Resources, saying, "Whether or not you're approved for Social Security benefits may depend on where you live. A survey of more than 200 Social Security Attorneys nationwide revealed that one of the most important factors in determining whether or not a disabled person will be approved for Social Security benefits is Geography."

Michael presents Handling a Hit and Run Accident. What to do in a Hit and Run. posted at Vital Motion, saying, "Chances are you or someone you know may be involved in a hit and run accident at some point."

Hal LaPray presents Interview With A Social Security Attorney posted at Disability Information & Resources, saying, "Steven Packard, a Social Security Attorney who represents disability claimants granted an interview to the local news."

Doug Boude presents Employers: Save Yourself And Your Employees Some Healthcare Cash! posted at Doug Boude (rhymes with 'loud'), saying, "this blog post explores a potential alternative to the way companies currently provide health coverage to their employees; an idea that potentially could save both employer and employee money"

Wenchypoo presents Wenchypoo's Health Care Proposal posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket. Editor’s note: The author raises the point that preventive medicine should be incorporated into any health care plan and this would save taxpayers considerable money.

Save Money on Health Care

Smart Unemployment presents Individual Health Insurance: How To Lower Your Premiums In Three Steps posted at Smart Unemployment, saying, "Three ways to lower the cost of your health insurance premium."

Ron King presents Crisis in Caregiving: Can Seniors Go On Living at Home? posted at Blog Long Term Care - Long Term Care for Elders, saying, "A recent study funded by the Connecticut State Legislature found that community-based services such as home care were inadequate to meet the needs of the state"

Health Care Careers

edmond elaine presents 5 Reasons Every Healthcare Worker Should Be Paid More posted at online MHA degree, saying, “The range of service provided by healthcare workers is something that will always be needed in the community.”

Margaret Garcia presents 55 Tips to Survive a Long Hospital Shift posted at Online Nurse Practitioner Schools. Editor’s note: Some good and sometimes humorous tips for surviving those long shift hours.

Aland Amherst presents How Much Money Can a Nurse Make? (It's Surprising) posted at Certified Nurse Assistant, saying, “Nurses at different levels earn according to their specialty. The shortage of nurses makes the career quite a lucrative one. Nurses who start off at the lower levels have a chance of making their salaries better by getting an advanced level of nursing course certificate.”

Barbara Williams presents 50 Happy Nursing Blogs posted at Nursing, saying, “These 50 blogs offer a positive spin on nursing.”

Alisha Harmann presents Top 50 Blogs to Help You Further Your Healthcare Career posted at Online Radiology Technician Schools, saying, “the following top fifty blogs can help you stay in tune with healthcare and help you further your healthcare career.”

Barbara Williams presents The 100 Best Blogs For Pharmacy Students posted at Nursing, saying, “As healthcare costs boom and the number of Americans on prescription drugs increases, pharmacy’s future looks bright. Here are the 100 best blogs for pharmacy students.”

Brooklyn White presents The Importance of Open Access in Medicine posted at LVN Schools, saying, “open access promotes progress in the field of medicine and allows people in the medical community and patients to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of medicine.”

PicktheBrain presents 200+ Health and Medical Accounts Worth Following on Twitter posted at Medical Future. Editor’s note: Great list of people to follow on Twitter for the health professional.


Reba Haas presents Puget Sound Clean Air news for July - check that chiminea and reduce neighbor stress posted at Team Reba Real Estate, saying, "There are ways we can all take control of our environment, even when it's the neighbor with the heavily smoking fire or BBQ. Read this Puget Sound Clean Air newsletter for info and suggestions on how to handle wood smoke issues this summer."

Jason Hulott presents Have you got public liability insurance for your business? posted at Small Business Cover, saying, “Whether you run a small business from home or whether you are the boss of a huge business that employs a great deal of staff it makes sense to consider liability insurance.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of take charge of your health care using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.