Monday, September 28, 2009

AmeriPlan Launches SecureNet Roadside Assistance, Legal Services, ID Theft Protection, Credit Repair & More

On September 15, 2009, AmeriPlan, the premier discount medical and dental benefits company launched the new AmeriPlan SecureNet program. This program includes ID Theft Protection, National Child ID, a Family Legal Plan, Roadside Assistance plus Financial Services.

In these uncertain financial times, many families have faced credit problems, legal problems, and even bankruptcy. ID theft affects almost 10 million Americans annually and over 800,000 children are reported missing each year. We have all experienced the frustration of an unexpected automobile breakdown or being locked out of our car or perhaps running out of gas.

With this in mind, AmeriPlan created the new SecureNet program. Affordable at only $24.95 per month, SecureNet provides Roadside Assistance, Identity Theft Assistance, a National Child ID Kit, a Family Legal Plan, and Financial Services to help provide security to our member families.

Identity Theft Protection

ID theft is the fastest growing crime in America and over 10 million Americans are affected annually. With SecureNet, you receive 24/7/365 days a year monitoring of your Social Security Number. Should your identity be breached, AmeriPlan provides $25,000 in theft reimbursement insurance coverage, notifies banks and other agencies, places credit alerts with all 3 credit bureau, provides an identity restoration specialist to provide a plan of action, and more.

National Child ID

It is a fact that 800,000 Children are reported missing each year, yet less than 10% of American families have a sample of their child’s fingerprints. When you become a SecureNet member, you will receive a Free Child ID kit which includes an inkless fingerprint card, a DNA cheek swab collection envelope, and an ID wallet card. Additional kits are available at a discount. Our child ID kit is endorsed by the National Child Identification Program and was developed in partnership with the FBI.

Family Legal Plan

Many US households will face a legal problem this year. Unfortunately, the cost of hiring an attorney can be quite costly. With AmeriPlan SecureNet, members have access to a nationwide network of high-quality attorneys as well as free and pre-negotiated services. Free services include preparation of a simple will, phone and office consultations, contract and document review, and assistance in solving problems with government programs such as welfare or INS. Our plan also offers deeply discounted services for such matters as divorce, traffic ticket defense, personal real estate closing, chapter 7 bankruptcy and regular incorporation. Click here to see a table of cost savings.

RoadSide Assistance

Locked out? Need a tow? Out of gas? Our roadside service can provide peace of mind when traveling either alone or with your family. We have contracted with 35,000 reputable service providers across the U.S. Should you need roadside service, our $75 sign-n-drive service includes towing, battery jump start, flat tire assistance, fuel delivery, and lockout service. If your car needs additional servicing, as a member you can take advantage of our pre-negotiated discounted rates.

Financial Services

During this economic recession, many families will face financial difficulties which will effect their credit scores, financial solvency, and even their ability to keep their homes. AmeriPlan SecureNet provides bankruptcy counseling, foreclosure avoidance counseling, and financial education through an extensive library of financial resources. SecureNet also provides low cost credit repair and debt relief services.

For more information on AmeriPlan SecureNet call 1-888-357-1768 or visit:


Andy said...

Thanks for the detail information on the AmeriPlan SecureNet program. They have now launched some great plans including the Child ID program and the Family Legal Plan. You seem to be knowing what you write in your blog. I read about the benefits of the program but what about the cons? Are there any cons that one should know before jumping in?

CrochetAfghan said...

This is some great information about plans especially the National Child ID. Something everyone should do for their child.

What I would like to know is in the Family Legal Plan do you have to have the plan before you get into trouble financial? I mean, if a person already has trouble can they still get the plan? And the help?

John said...

Ameriplan Has all the answers, even a roadside assistance e program who would ever thought that. Way to go

Brett445 said...

The ameriplan programs you detail sound excellent. The child id one is of particular interest as are their financial services and family legal plans.

Life Insurance Calculator said...

Well that's a good news for AmeriPlan. We've been looking for some infos about this company and thanks to your blog.

Lap Band said...

Great blog and this information is very useful to everyone.

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I loved the Family Legal Plan. and i must say you know what you are writing about. great post, bookmarking it for the future..

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