Monday, October 4, 2010

AmeriPlan October Special - Half Price Dental & Medical Memberships

Although there have been some reforms to the U.S. healthcare system, most of the major changes will not take place until 2014. In the meantime, if you are one of the many Americans with inadequate or no dental or medical insurance, a discount dental or medical plan can help you save money on needed doctor and dental visits, prescription medications, lab tests and imaging studies, vision care, chiropractic, and ancillary services such as physical therapy, hearing aids, diabetic supplies, and more.

Our popular Total Health plan also has a hospital advocacy program which can help to substantially reduce those exorbitant hospital charges. If you have health insurance, but would like to reduce your costs, consider combining a discount health plan with a high deductible medical plan.

To help families save even more on their medical costs during these difficult financial times, AmeriPlan, the nation’s premier discount dental and medical benefits company, is having a big membership sale from now through October 31, 2010. All dental and health plans are ½ price for the first 3 months of membership during this October Special. In addition, AmeriPlan has made it even easier to join by waiving the registration fee.

AmeriPlan has been in business for 18 years and is a member in good standing of the Consumer Health Alliance, the National Association of Dental Plans, and the BBB.
Here are our prices:

Individual Dental Plus was $14.95 a month NOW ONLY $7.48 a month. Our Individual Dental Plus plan includes deep discounts on all dental services plus savings on prescriptions, vision, and chiropractic care for the single individual. Discounted services include orthodontia, cosmetic surgery, and Lasik eye surgery which are usually not covered by most insurance plans.

Household Dental Plus was $19.95 a month NOW ONLY $9.98 a month. Our Household Dental Plus plan includes deep discounts on all dental services plus savings on prescriptions, vision, and chiropractic care for all members of a household.

Total Health was $39.95 a month NOW ONLY $19.98 a month. Our Total Health plan provides your entire household with valuable protection and includes everything in the Dental Plus plan above plus discounts on physician fees, laboratory procedures, imaging services, nurseline, mental health services, physical therapy, diabetic supplies, podiatry, plus our hospital advocacy program.

Our New Platinum Plus plan was $50.00 a month and NOW ONLY $25.00 a month. Platinum Plus provides all of the services of our Household Dental Plus plan plus our new ID SecureNet Plus program. AmeriPlan ID SecureNet Plus includes ID Theft Protection, National Child ID, Family Legal Plan, Roadside Assistance and Financial Services.

Learn more about our different health care options at Also, check out our new ID SecureNet Plus program and enjoy discounts on legal services, roadside assistance, financial services including credit repair and debt relief, ID theft protection, and a National Child ID. To join AmeriPlan and start receiving these valuable benefits for your family visit: or call 888-357-1768.


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