Sunday, August 17, 2008

Discount Dental & Medical Plans – A Free Gas Certificate for You

If you are one of the 47 million Americans who do not have a health plan or the 7 out of 10 Americans who do not have a dental plan, our AmeriPlan team is now offering all new members to our low cost affordable benefit plans a free Gas Certificate just for signing up and trying our program.

Here is how our Free Gas Certificate Program works:

When you sign up to any of our affordable dental and health plans (see below), we will enroll you in our Free Gas Certificate program. This certificate is valid for a $300 Free Gas Voucher. This voucher allows you to get $300 in gas or merchandise at the gas station of your choice, in increments of a $25 rebate for every $100 you spend monthly.

All Top Name Gas Stations are included with this offer including but not limited to: Arco, Mobile, Chevron, Exxon, Shell, CITGO, Wal-mart, Costco, etc.

While you are saving money on your gasoline, you will be saving money on your healthcare.

Here are a few testimonials:

“ My wife was admitted to the hospital for sixteen days. By the time she was discharged she had incurred over $33,000 in bills from six different medical providers. Still unable to return to her job as a dance instructor, she had no way of paying any of the medical providers she was receiving bills from. The Karis Group was able to help her apply for an assistance program that covered the entire $27,000 hospital bill. The Karis Group then contacted the other medical providers that were involved. Several of the other providers agreed to write off the bills entirely. When the Karis Group was done the total outstanding charges were less than $2,300. My wife was set up on a long-term payment plan on the remaining balance. Total saving - over $30,000. ”
Robert H. – Houston, TX

“ In 2004, I was quoted 945.00 for a root canal that I desperately needed. My husband was between jobs and I was a full-time mom, so I really could not afford that! I "google-searched" discounted dental plans and found Ameriplan®! I signed up, got my card and went in to my dentist to see what the discount would be! Instead of 945.00, I paid 375.00!!!!! I was thrilled! I wound up needing two more root canals, had some cavities filled and ended up saving 2,200.00 on my dental work in 2004!!! Thank you, Ameriplan®! I now have a great smile with healthy teeth and it didn't break our bank account! Because I experienced first hand how good our benefits are, I joined the company as an IBO and am now a full time mom and ESD with Ameriplan®, who hit the $25,000 Presidents Club this past November! Life is good and we now have additional income as well as affordable health care! ”
Theresa D. – Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

“ I went to a Lens Crafters for my eye exam and saved $20.00 on the exam alone. I then purchased some new glasses that are name brand. I am about blind as a bat and need to have my lenses thinned so I don't look like I'm wearing coke bottles! My lenses normally run $240.00 for the lenses ONLY and my new frames normally cost $162.00. My new glasses came out to $402.00 and then I handed them my AmeriPlan® Card through Coast to Coast Vision. She gave me my new total of ONLY $219.00. My frames went from $162.00 down to $96.00 and my lenses went from $240.00 to $123.00. I saved a total of $183.00 on my frames and lenses by using AmeriPlan®. That came out to be a 45% savings on my new glasses. ”
Susan G. – Peyton, CO

Discount health plans can provide individuals and families with a low cost and effective alternative to expensive medical and dental insurance coverage. At AmeriPlan, we have 4 great affordable plans to choose from. Prices range from $14.95 to $59.95 per month. These plans include:

  1. Dental Plus - Save up to 80% on all dental services. Includes discounts on prescriptions, vision care, and chiropractic treatment. Savings are available on cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, orthodontia, and LASIK eye surgery. This plan can literally cut your dental bill by more than half.
  2. Basic Health - Discounts on doctor visits, lab tests, hospital advocacy, hearing aids, diabetic supplies, a 24 hour Nurseline, and much more.
  3. Total Health - Includes everything in both the Dental Plus and Basic Health programs including hospital advocacy.
  4. Total Health Plus - This is our complete package. It includes everything in both the Dental Plus and Basic Health Programs plus the AmeriPlan Auto Club, the AmeriPlan Identity Theft Assistance program, and AmeriPlan Legal Services.

Should you become hospitalized, AmeriPlan’s hospital advocacy plan will send a professional advocate who will negotiate your bill with the hospital and work out a payment plan for the balance based on your ability to pay. This allows the patient to avoid bankruptcy proceedings which is the last thing that you need when recovering from a serious illness. We have testimonials on dramatic reductions in hospital bills. In addition, we have a prescription advocacy program which allows income eligible patients, who cannot afford their medications, to receive their prescriptions for free.

For more information on our discount benefits call 1-888-357-1768 or visit:

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