Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What Are Discount Health Plans? Part 2

Discount health plans offer businesses, families, and individuals a way to save money on their health care costs. For individuals and families who lack basic medical and dental insurance, discount plans can be used as stand alone programs to help save money on expensive medical costs. Often substantial discounts are given on dental procedures, physician visits, lab tests, imaging studies, vision care, prescriptions, and chiropractic treatment. Discounts on ancillary services such as hearing aids, physical therapy, mental health services, and diabetic supplies are also included. At AmeriPlan® we even include a hospital advocacy plan on our health plans which can help families and individuals avoid bankruptcy. This is how our hospital advocacy program works. As soon as the hospitalized patient reaches $2,500 or more in hospital expenses, a professional advocate is assigned to that patient. The hospital advocate negotiates the patient's fee with the hospital often achieving a substantial reduction for the patient. An affordable and convenient payment plan is then worked out for the patient.

For patients with health insurance, discount health plans can also be used as supplemental benefits. These benefits can include prescription, vision, chiropractic, and other benefits not included in the patient’s insurance plan. In addition, traditional health insurance plans usually don’t include coverage for cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, alternative medicine, or Lasik eye surgery while most discount health plans do include savings on these services.

Businesses can benefit from including discount health plans as part of their total benefits package. Businesses can purchase less costly catastrophic, high deductible, and health savings accounts. These high deductible medical insurance programs save the company considerable money. A discount health plan is purchased along with the high deductible plan to provide supplemental benefits. These supplemental benefits provide savings on routine health expenditures and dental care while the catastrophic coverage provides a safety net for lengthy hospitalizations and complex care. Companies can save money on their health insurance while providing their valued employees with the security that they need.

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